Installation Sammode / Villa Noailles 2016 - Design Parade #11

Launched last year, the partnership between Villa Noailles and Sammode proposed new creations for the 11th edition of the festival. The long history that links together Villa Noailles and Sammodes began in the 1920s with the swimming pool illumination in 1928. Collaborating with architects since 1927, through this iconic realisation from the rationalist mouvement , Sammode has found its most cherished values: minimalism and functionality. In 2015 during the Design Parade Festival, Sammode was the first to occupy the forecourt and the hanging gardens with light installations made by Normal Studio. This year, the brand reoffends this partnership with a new installation signed by the duet of french designers Eloi Chafaï and Jean-Francois Dingjian.
The Normal Studio designers, which are also the art directors of Sammode, created sculptural installations made of 56 ironed sheet metal prisms, spread in 3 colored geometrical compositions.
These architectures vibrate thanks to the illumination of the Cherubini lights hanging over them. A bright and poetic hide-and-seek game.