Conference table / Platform-L Art 2016

This large conference table was designed specifically for the opening of PLATFORM-L Contemporary Art Center, in Seoul, in collaboration with Korean master craftsmen.This is a single copy which offers free configurations that can be modified as needed.It consists of a lattice structure of 3.5m on which are organizing tinted leather blotters and hollow wooden trays of different formats. It can then become a conference table or a desk, while giving the impression of an organized randomness in the manner of a grid of graphic composition.This unique piece then changes the destination of the room and the use that will be done.It is made of red pine, a local species, by a Korean master carpenter using his bonding techniques and traditional assembly.The leather work, produced by craftsmen workshops of the leather goods brand Louis Quatorze, gives the link to the knowledge of its craftsmanship of Louis Quatorze, the parent company and supporter of Platform-L has to offer.