Tolix / Art direction

Between 2007 and 2014, Normal Studio led the artistic direction of Tolix, contributing to the renewal of the French industrial furniture manufacturer and its international development.Normal Studio has implemented a strategy of design development based around the iconic products of the brand, the reissues of historical products (seagull chair, pedestal table 55, postal sorting box ...) and relying on its specific sheet metal works' expertise.
The artistic direction has developed along three lines: the creation of new products organized by environments and collections, the redesign of graphic identity and catalogs, and the work on the photographic identity of the brand. At the same time, Normal Studio has implemented an event strategy with installations and ephemeral restaurants. Tolix's presence also has been reinforced at international fairs by creating the booths and spaces. This new vision has allowed Tolix to become a major player in French furniture and significantly increase the brand's international reputation. Its growing economic development has propelled it into numerous international markets.
Graphic design: Superscript2
Photograph: Morgane Le Gall
Designers: Cordoleani & Fontana / Sebastian Bergne / Patrick Norguet / Normal Studio